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Calvin is a highly and frequently requested speaker who enjoys discussing and speaking about medicine, travel, and motivating people to live life to the fullest.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, below is a rough timeline of appearances regarding emergency medicine and COVID-19.


Wednesday March 18, 2020

Wall Street Journal – Hospitals Facing Coronavirus Are Running Out of Masks, Other Key Equipment


Thursday March 19, 2020

VICE – U.S. Hospitals Are Wildly Unprepared to Deal With How Bad the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Get


Friday March 20, 2020

Fox Business – Coronavirus straining New York City hospitals, staff, supplies

AJ+ – If it’s not life-threatening, don’t go to the emergency room


Monday March 23, 2020

WALLST TV – With the novel coronavirus, how dire is the emergency room physician’s challenge in New York?



Tuesday March 24, 2020

Syosset Jericho Tribune – Thank You To Our Heroes


Wednesday March 25, 2020

Thrillist – How Coronavirus Will Change How We Travel, According to a Doctor and a Travel Expert

CGTN – The Heat: Economics and Health Crisis of COVID-19


Thursday March 26, 2020

Vox’s Today, Explained – The emergency room emergency

Fox Business – US hospitals with coronavirus patients race to find beds


Friday March 27, 2020

Fox Business – NYC coronavirus cases surge as hospital system is collapsing: ER doctor


Sunday March 29, 2020

Washington Post – New York’s bioethics experts prepare for a wave of difficult decisions


Monday March 30, 2020

Medicine ReMixed – Inside The Hospital | Fighting COVID-19 in NYC ERs

Katie Couric – What An E.R. Doctor Wants You To Know About Covid-19

CNN Go There One week in the life of an emergency room doctor


Tuesday March 31, 2020

CNN – ER doctor in New York details dire supply shortages from the front lines of the coronavirus fight

MSNBC Live with Katy Tur – NYC emergency room doctor on battling coronavirus

MSNBC Nightly NewsHospital Workers Speak Out

CGTN The Heat Podcast – COVID-19: Who lives and who dies? A harrowing decision for U.S. doctors

Katie CouricQ&A: What It’s Like to Be an ER Doctor in New York City


Wednesday April 1, 2020

7NEWS AustraliaCathy Murray: Are New York hospitals coping under the pressure?


Thursday April 2, 2020

MSNBC – Morning Joe LIVE

Media Mangy – Dr. Calvin Sun Discusses Covid-19


Friday April 3, 2020

Katie CouricAn ER Doctor Shares Heartbreaking Stories from the Front Lines of COVID-19

Al Jazeera – US doctors, nurses on coronavirus front line beg for critical PPE

USA TodayHope, exhaustion, fear: Health workers in quiet areas prep for COVID-19 chaos while colleagues in other cities rush in


Saturday April 4, 2020

Channel 1: Journal de 20 heures (France)

The AtlanticWhat Doctors Are Afraid Of

USA TodayWhich coronavirus patients will get life-saving ventilators? Guidelines show how hospitals in NYC, US will decide


Sunday April 5, 2020

MSNBC – Weekends with Alex Witt

The Kris Fade Show on Virgin Radio (UAE)

NBC Universal, Yahoo News – ER doctor shares experience fighting coronavirus, intubating a colleague

The Today Show LIVEWhat are emergency room doctors fighting the coronavirus outbreak seeing day to day?

FreedomNews.TV – Emergency Room Doctor in NYC speaks on Covid-19 Pandemic

Project By Project – Covid-19 Q&A Hosted by PbP NY

Plum Radio – Dr. Calvin Sun on Plum Radio

Caixin Global – Q&A: New York Emergency Room Doctor Says It’s Just Getting ‘Worse and Worse’

PRN: Your as Needed Dose of Medical Knowledge – Battling COVID-19: NYC Emergency Rooms


Monday April 6, 2020

Serbia IG

Newsy Television

W RNN News Channel 91

Channel 4 News (UK) LIVE – ‘Temporary burials’ for coronavirus victims may be needed says NY mayor

MSNBC Live with Katy Tur – NYC ER doctor on fight to treat coronavirus

Richard French Live – Emergency Medical Physician in NYC on the Rapid Spread of Coronavirus


Tuesday April 7, 2020

MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle – NYC ER Doctor on treating coronavirus patients

CTV (Taiwan) – 紐約疫情本週高峰 華裔醫:如在著火房中救人│中視新聞 20200406

CNN Anderson Cooper 360 “Courage can’t exist in the absence of fear”

Fresno Community Alliance – “If New York is a harbinger of what’s to come, then a storm is coming for you” says NYC ER Doctor

NBCMiami – Local Healthcare Workers Concerned About Protection While Treating COVID-19 Patients


Wednesday April 8

Channel 9Now, A Current Affair‘Something out of a horror film’: New York doctor explains the coronavirus situation

CTITV紐約煉獄告白只盼活著撐過疫情 每天起床先「摸額頭」

CTWant紐約煉獄告白只盼活著撐過疫情 每天起床先「摸額頭 (part 1)

CTWant紐約煉獄告白只盼活著撐過疫情 每天起床先「摸額頭」(part 2)

CTWant – 紐約煉獄告白只盼活著撐過疫情 每天起床先「摸額頭」(part 3)

Voice of America, Plugged In with Greta Van Susteren – The Coronavirus Crisis: Cures and Care

Sheindlin Law Firm – NYC Doctors & Nurses discuss Coronavirus

KroneTV (Austria) – New Yorker Arzt berichtet von Notaufnahmen vor Ort


Thursday April 9

NHK Broadcasting & TV Asahi (Japan)Today’s Close Up

A Current Affair (Australia) – Coronavirus: New York doctor reveals city’s fight with COVID-19 | A Current Affair

RTS (Switzerland) – Tout un monde – Présenté par Eric Guevara-Frey


Friday April 10

TVN24 (Poland) – “Pacjenci umierają. Idziesz i… nie żyje, nie żyje, nie żyje”


Harlem World Magazine – Join Harlem is . . . HEALING: Celebrating Heroes Of The Pandemic Digital Celebration

Newsmax – Live @ 11:00am EST

Newsy – Live @ 6:00pm EST

NHK News 7 (Japan)Friday, April 10

NY1Death Certification Process Could Leave City Doctors Exposed


Sunday April 12, 2020

MSNBC The Today Show – Live @ 6:00am EST

Sekai ha ima (The World Now, Japan)Sunday, April 12


Monday April 13, 2020

Community Works NYC – harlem is . . . HEALING: Celebrating Heroes of the Pandemic Honors Dr. Calvin Sun, Emergency Room Doctor


Wednesday April 15, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 9:30am

WRNN NewsEmergency Medical Physician in NYC Describes Conditions in NY Hospitals

MSNBC Live with Katy TurNYC ER doctor: I am now relying on personal donations of PPE

Fox 31 Denver (Michael Konopasek) – ER Doctor in NYC Shares Experiences on the Frontlines

IGTV ER Doctor in NYC Shares Experiences on the Frontlines


Thursday April 16, 2020

MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle – Live @ 9:00am EST

NBC NewsNYC medical residents treating coronavirus describe ‘living a nightmare’

Washington PostNurses and Doctors are Taking Extreme Precautions to Avoid Bringing Coronavirus Home


Saturday April 18, 2020

MSNBC Live with Velshi – Live @ 9:00am EST

WNBC4 Universal


Sunday April 19, 2020


Longboat Key News – Several Hundred People on Longboat Key Are Going to Die


Tuesday April 21, 2020

NBC News Now – Live @ 5:30pm EST


Wednesday April 22, 2020

Botswana Radio – Boingotlo Montingwa

CNBC Mumbai with Sonia Shenoy#coronawarrior Dr. Calvin Sun


Thursday April 23, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 9:00am EST

Newsmax – Live @ 10:00am EST

The Matthew Aaron Show – 4/23/2020 Coronavirus Talk: Fox News Hot Mic, NYC E.R. Doctor Tells All


Friday April 24

Working Woman Report Dr. Calvin Sun-On The Frontlines of The Pandemic At NYC Hospitals


Saturday April 25

NYCAASC NYCAASC 2020 Closing Keynote

Revisit-Reset (UAE, Mahenoor R Saadain Syed)Q&A On COVID-19


Sunday April 26

MSNBC Live with Alex WittLive @ 7:00am EST


Monday April 27

Newsy – Live @ 3:45pm EST

Fox Business –  NYC ER doctor sees marked improvements since social distancing began


Tuesday  April 28, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 9:00am EST

Newsmax – Live @ 10:00am EST

NBC Channel 4 NYC – Live @ 12:00pm EST

Zoom Event with Facesofthefrontline & Supperclub

Town HallNew York ER Doctor Who Was Slammed a Month Ago Explains What’s Changed


Wednesday April 29, 2020

Character Media Frontliners Taking Charge During COVID-19: Calvin D. Sun, MD

Central Television (Russia)Central Television: April 25, 2020 issue (22:54, 24:17)


Thursday April 30, 2020

2 100 Faces of the Cure – Faces of the Cure

CGTN AmericaThe Heat: COVID-19 research and medical response


Friday May 1, 2020

Yahoo NewsER doctor in N.Y.C. shares what it’s like to work in dozens of hospitals during pandemic

NBCER doctor in N.Y.C. shares what it’s like to work in dozens of hospitals during pandemic


Saturday May 2, 2020

MSNBC Live with Alex Witt – Live @ 7:00am EST

NEXT TV (Taiwan)紐約醫護崩


Tuesday May 5, 2020

Natia GvazavaScrolling the Pandemic: Silenced Frontliners


Thursday May 7, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 9:00am EST

Newsmax – Live @ 10:00am EST


Friday May 8, 2020

IG Live@newyorkcity


Saturday May 9, 2020




Monday May 11, 2020

Talking Points MemoNYC ERs Are Getting More ‘Normal’ Type Cases — But The Mood Is Anything But


Thursday May 14, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 9:25am EST

Newsmax – Live @ 10:05am EST


Friday May 15, 2020

IG LiveEvie Joy Music

LIVEMEDAIDDr. James Maskalyk and Dr. Calvin D. Sun


Saturday May 16, 2020

NBC Asian AmericaER doctor in NYC shares what it’s like to work in dozens of hospitals during pandemic


Sunday May 17, 2020

Snapchat’s Hashtag Our StoriesWhat It’s Like To Be A Frontline Doctor in NYC


Thursday May 21, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 9:25am EST


Wednesday June 3, 2020

WIRED MagazineHealthcare Workers Explain COVID-19 Cases In Their Cities


Thursday June 4, 2020

Newsmax – LIVE @ 9:25am EST

Newsmax – LIVE @ 10:25am EST


Monday June 8, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 10:25am EST


Tuesday June 7, 2020

Unsugarcoated with AaliaDiversity, Travel & Coronavirus with Dr. Calvin D. Sun


Wednesday June 10, 2020

MSNBC – Live with Stephanie Ruhle @ 09:45am EST

FOX San Antonio21 states across the U.S. have seen increase in COVID-19 cases


Thursday June 11, 2020

Apple Daily (Hong Kong)[Straight from New York] Records of Chinese doctors’ anti-epidemic experience on the frontline of the death of their loved ones


Sunday June 14, 2020

MSNBC – Live @ 6:00am EST


Monday June 15, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 10:25am EST


Sunday June 21, 2020

MSNBC – Live @ 6:30am EST


Sunday June 22, 2020

Newsmax – Live @ 10:25am EST


Sunday August 2, 2020

MSNBC – Live @ 7:00am EST


Monday August 10, 2020

AARP AAPI CommunityJoin AARP in thanking Asian American healthcare frontliners across America.


Sunday August 30, 2020

MSNBCNYC Doctor Travels Coast To Coast During Pandemic


September 18, 2020

ThrillistThe Future of Karaoke Bars Is Filled With Uncertainty and Hope


September 26, 2020

We Got The Runs Podcast18. Heart Health, Mental Health and Covid with Dr. Calvin Sun, MD


Tuesday September 29, 2020

CGTNThe Heat: Fears of second wave of Covid-19


Friday October 2, 2020

Newsy – LIVE @ 1:00pm EST

CGTN America – LIVE @ 9:00pm EST

Sunday October 4, 2020

CGTN AmericaDr. Calvin Sun on President Trump’s covid treatments


Monday October 5, 2020

Newsy – LIVE @ 7:00am EST


Tuesday October 6, 2020

NewsyPresident Trump’s Treatment Plan For COVID-19 Differs From Majority

The Lincoln Project28 Days from Election: “Don’t Be Afraid of Covid”? w/ guests Elizabeth Neumann, Dr. Calvin Sun

Sky News London – Afternoon Brief


Wednesday October 7, 2020

CGTN America The Heat: US President Trump returns to Oval Office


Saturday October 10, 2020

CGTN America Dr. Calvin Sun on Trump’s coronavirus recovery timeline


Wednesday October 14, 2020

ITVAmerican Voices: New Yorkers on Trump, Covid and the US election


Monday October 19, 2020

Korean Broadcasting System (South Korea) – Virus & Nations (21:47)


Wednesday October 28, 2020

Four Minutes From The FrontlinesMinute 4

CGTN America The Heat: COVID-19 surge in the United States


Thursday October 29, 2020

Between Headlines with Alison HallDr. Calvin Sun – NYC Emergency Doctor on the Frontlines of Covid19


Saturday November 28, 2020

MSNBC Live with Alex Witt – Live @ 1:00pm EST

Al Jazeera English – U.S. Outbreak Record High


Monday December 7, 2020

CGTN America – Live at 11:00pm EST


Thursday December 17, 2020

Fox Business – Doctor feeling ‘great’ after receiving Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine


Friday December 18, 2020

Lisa Ling – IG Live with Calvin – Warrior


Friday January 1, 2021

Sky NewsCOVID-19: Times Square in no mood to party

New York marks new year with grief and grace


Tuesday January 5, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Governor Cuomo confirms first case of UK COVID-19 variant in NY


Wednesday January 6, 2021

Northstar Unplugged – CALVIN D. SUN, MD, emergency physician on NYC’s COVID frontlines & founder & CEO of the Monsoon Diaries, a travel community


Wednesday January 13, 2021

Epicenter-NYC – The 411 on Vaccines, Live Comedy and Mulled Wine, IKEA

NewsyU.S. Experienced Deadliest Day on Tuesday


Friday January 15, 2021

The Haitian Times – “Am I Eligible” App And Other Info For Covid-19 Vaccine Help


Sunday January 17, 2021

CGTN – Live @ 3:15pm EST


Sunday January 17, 2021

CNN – One year on, doctors around the country grapple with fatigue and burnout as the pandemic rages


Sunday January 31, 2021

The Life Medical PodcastInto the Fray: Saving Lives and Facing Pandemics


Thursday February 4, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Treat variants as if they’re dangerous: Doctor on how to beat the pandemic


Monday February 22, 2021

The National News – US reaches grim milestone of 500,000 Covid deaths


Monday March 1, 2021

CGTNCalvin Sun discusses the Johnson & Johnson vaccine


Monday March 4, 2021

yahoo! Finance – COVID-19 cases surpass 28.7M in the U.S.


Monday March 15, 2021

Voice of America (Russian) – Моей пациентке было 31, как и мне, и она скончалась…


Thursday March 18, 2021

Yale Daily News – SHEA At Yale hosts discussion on vaccine hesitancy and COVID-19 disparities


Saturday March 20, 2021

Al Jazeera – Why is violence against Asian-Americans on the rise?


Sunday March 21, 2021

ABC 7 Eyewitness News – 66-year-old Asian man attacked in Manhattan in unprovoked assault; rallies held


Tuesday March 30, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Why the COVID ‘superhero villain tug-of-war’ will be an eternal battle

WALLST TV“模范移民”害了谁?被叫“中国病毒”的华裔医生,为何走上街头?(Who did “model immigrants” hurt? Why did the Chinese doctors called “Chinese virus” take to the streets?)

I Want to Travel! Podcast by Discoverlist – Ep #8: An avid traveler and ER doctor in NYC during the pandemic March 2020, Calvin Sun shares the horror of that experience as well as what he thinks of the travel industry moving forward

yahoo! Finance – Coronavirus: 3 reasons why confirmed cases are on the rise again


Saturday April 3, 2021

CGTNDr. Calvin Sun on COVID-19 in Europe & U.S.


Monday April 5, 2021

yahoo! Finance“We are at an inflection point”: Doctor on a fourth covid-19 wave


Wednesday April 7, 2021

VOAMedical Workers on New York’s COVID Frontlines Look Back at 2020

NY City LensCOVID’s Impending Doom?

yahoo! MoneyCoronavirus: ‘We are seeing so many younger patients’


Friday April 9, 2021

CGTN – Live @ 8:05pm


Tuesday April 20, 2021


The Broken Dove Podcast – S1.E.10 – Calvin D. Sun, MD (Monsoondiaries)


Thursday April 29, 2021

CGTN America Dr. Calvin Sun on China’s COVID-19 vaccines


Monday May 3, 2021

yahoo Finance! A ‘one size fits all policy’ for reopening travel is very concerning: Doctor


Monday May 10, 2021

East Side Stories Emergency Physician On Fighting COVID & Racism Simultaneously | East Side Stories & MonsoonDiaries


Friday May 14, 2021

CGTN America Dr. Calvin Sun on U.S. Mask Policy


Saturday May 22, 2021

Gen Ed Medical School, International Travel, and Covid-19: An Interview with Dr. Calvin Sun


Monday May 24, 2021

CGTN – Live @ 9:30pm EST


Friday June 4, 2021

yahoo! Finance ‘Vaccinating children… gives them a hope of a lifetime of being free of those permanent long-term disabilities associated with COVID’: Doctor


Wednesday June 9, 2021

Lucky Boys Podcast – Episode 67 Part 1: Lab Leaks, Vaccine Risks And Wild Covid Conspiracies w/Dr. Sun


Wednesday June 16, 2021

CGTN – The Heat: COVID-19 deaths in U.S. reach 600,000


Thursday July 8, 2021



Friday July 23, 2021

Newsy – Live @ 7:20AM EST


Sunday July 25, 2021

MSNBC The Week – ER doctor on surge in Covid-19 cases


Monday July 26, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Doctor on COVID-19 vaccination: ‘Too little too late, better late than never, if anything it all counts’


Friday August 5, 2021

Newsy – COVID deaths are likely being undercounted


Tuesday August 24, 2021

Newsy – “Breakthrough” Infections

yahoo! Finance – Emergency physician warns against questioning vaccine efficacy: ‘You’re betting against the house’


Friday September 24, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Dr. Calvin Sun: on whether frontline workers should get boosters


Monday September 27, 2021

The Life Medical – Journeys – Outward and Inward


Tuesday October 19, 2021

Business Insider – I’m an ER doctor who runs a travel company on the weekends — and it’s landed me a 6-figure book deal, free trips, and more


Friday October 22, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Pfizer says vaccine is 90.7% effective in kids aged 5 to 11: BBG


Sunday November 28, 2021

CGTN America – Dr. Calvin Sun discusses on the newest coronavirus variant


Friday December 3, 2021

Newsy Morning Rush – Dr. Calvin Sun on Omicron


Sunday December 5, 2021

NY Post – Despite high-flying careers, these entrepreneurs enjoy a successful travel side hustle


Monday December 6, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Omicron variant: We don’t need to go into panic mode right now, physician says


Thursday December 9, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Vaccines are the ‘working seatbelts’ for dealing with the Omicron coronavirus variant: Doctor


Monday December 13, 2021

Newsy Morning Rush – Dr. Calvin Sun on Omicron


Thursday December 16, 2021

CGTN – End of Year Panel on COVID-19


Wednesday December 22, 2021

yahoo! Finance – Omicron: Doctors talk COVID-19 testing demand, booster shots, and hospital staffing

yahoo! Finance – Doctor laments ‘exhausting’ Omicron wave: ‘We’re trying to juggle a million things at once’


Thursday December 23, 2021

yahoo! News – Doctor on COVID-19 testing lags: ‘It’s not useful if it’s taking that long’

Unsugarcoated with AaliaE66: To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx—with Dr. Calvin D. Sun


Friday December 24, 2021

CGTN America – Dr. Calvin Sun on Omicron in the U.S.


Tuesday December 28, 2021

Newsy Morning Rush – Dr. Calvin Sun on Omicron & Children


Friday December 31, 2021

yahoo! News – New Covid treatments are very promising

Lisa Ling – IG Live with Calvin


Wednesday January 12, 2022

Al Jazeera – Calvin Sun on Moral Injury

CGTN America – Omicron Update Panel


Monday January 24, 2022

yahoo! News – Omicron: ‘The main climax seems to be over,’ doctor says


Monday February 14, 2022

Newsy Morning Rush – Dr. Calvin Sun on Policy Changes on COVID-19

yahoo! News – Receiving vaccinations ‘is part of the social contract we sign up for’ in communities: Doctor


Tuesday February 15, 2022

Mercersburg Academy – Calvin Sun Speaks at Beauregard School Meeting


Wednesday March 9, 2022

Salaam Gateway – Tourists flock to Saudi Arabia as the country opens to foreign visitors


Monday March 21, 2022

CGTN America – Calvin Sun on the global state of COVID 19

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