Calvin D. Sun, MD

Emergency Physician, Author, Speaker, & Traveler

The Monsoon Diaries: A Memoir

Published by HarperCollins with a foreword by Lisa Ling, The Monsoon Diaries is the firsthand account of Dr. Calvin Sun’s work on the front lines in multiple hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drawing upon the lessons he learned from his adventures traveling to more than 190 countries in ten years, as well as from the grief he experienced as a teen when his father died, Dr. Sun shares his journey, from growing up as a young Asian American in New York to his calling first to medical school and then to the open road.

He believes that the fight for a better world creates meaning when all feels meaningless, and he hopes that telling his story will help readers reframe this tragic moment in our lifetimes into possibility, with the goal of building a more empathetic society.

Dr. Calvin D. Sun is a board-certified Physician specializing in Emergency Medicine, a public speaker, author, activist, and travel writer based in NYC. He has worked at multiple emergency departments — most notably during the COVID-19 pandemic — as well as large-scale events primarily across the NYC metropolitan area.

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The Monsoon Diaries

Calvin is also the Founder & CEO of The Monsoon Diaries: a blog-turned-travel community that has taken hundreds of readers to 190+ countries and territories in the past 10 years including North Korea, Nauru, Greenland, and Antarctica. The Monsoon Diaries has since been featured on BBC News, ABC News, MSNBC, TED, National Geographic, and USA Today.

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